decreased senditivity to pain, hypoalgesia
пониженная болевая чувствительность, гипоалгезия

English-Russian dictionary of medicine. . 2015.

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  • Hypoalgesia — or hypalgesia denotes a decreased sensitivity to painful stimuli.Hypoalgesia occurs when nociceptive (painful) stimuli are interrupted or decreased somewhere along the path between the input (nociceptors), and the places where they are processed… …   Wikipedia

  • hypoalgesia — noun /ˈhaɪ.pəʊˌæl.dʒɪiz.ɪi.ə/ A decreased sensitivity to painful stimuli. Ant: hyperalgesia See Also: algesia, analgesia …   Wiktionary

  • hypoalgesia — SYN: hypalgesia. [hypo + G. algesis, a sense of pain] * * * hy·po·al·ge·sia al jē zhə, z(h)ē ə n decreased sensitivity to pain * * * hy·po·al·ge·sia (hi″po al jeґze ə) hypalgesia …   Medical dictionary

  • Congenital insensitivity to pain — Classification and external resources OMIM 243000 147430 DiseasesDB 31214 …   Wikipedia

  • hypalgesia — Decreased sensibility to pain. SYN: hypoalgesia. [G. hypo, under, + algesis, sense of pain] * * * hyp·al·ge·sia .hip əl jē zhə, .hī pal , z(h)ē ə n diminished sensitivity to pain hyp·al·ge·sic jē sik adj * * * n …   Medical dictionary

  • Nociception — (synonym: nocioception or nociperception) is defined as the neural processes of encoding and processing noxious stimuli. [1] It is the afferent activity produced in the peripheral and central nervous system by stimuli that have the potential to… …   Wikipedia

  • Pain — This article is about physical pain. For pain in the broader sense, see Suffering. For other uses, see Pain (disambiguation). Pain A sports player in pain. ICD 10 R52 …   Wikipedia

  • Anesthesia — Not to be confused with Paresthesia. For other uses, see Anesthesia (disambiguation). Anesthesia, or anaesthesia (see spelling differences; from Greek αν , an , without ; and αἴσθησις, aisthēsis, sensation ), traditionally meant the condition of… …   Wikipedia

  • Headache — For other uses, see Headache (disambiguation). Headache A person with a headache. ICD 10 G43 G …   Wikipedia

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  • Placebo — For other uses, see Placebo (disambiguation) and Placebo effect (disambiguation). Sugar pill redirects here. For Kids of 88 album, see Sugarpills. The placebo effect can be produced by inert tablets, by sham surgery, and by false information,… …   Wikipedia

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